In order for the Association to run effectively, and in accordance with Article IV of our Association Constitution (Membership and Privileges) AZISWA embarked on a membership drive.  

Each individual interested in joining the association is expected to pay an Annual Membership Fee of $10. Payments can be made to any Executive Board member upon which a receipt will be issued. AZISWA membership is open to all area residents interested in the well-being and development projects of Zambia. 

All contributions to AZISWA are tax deductible.

With an annual membership fee of just $10… 

  1. A paid member will be eligible to run for open positions on the Executive Board.
  2. A paid members will be eligible to vote in elections.
  3. A paid member can request AZISWA to hold a Financial Assistance Fundraiser for any           paid member with a legitimate need, as determine by the Executive Board.
  4. A paid will be admitted with a discounted cover charge during AZISWA events. 

Members will be part of the extended Zambian Family in the Seattle area, providing support and encouragement to each other. Your membership will directly benefit families in Zambia that need our help. We encourage all Seattle Zambians and those interested in Zambia to join the Association.

To make a membership payment please use the links below, or contact us via email at [email protected]. By phone, contact us at (206) 321-9471) or (253) 561-2718. You can also mail your payment by check or money order made payable to AZISWA to the address below:

Association of Zambians in Seattle, Washington
P.O Box 1673
Kent, WA 98035

Please come to the next event ready to become a fully paid member of AZISWA and let your voice be heard in the community.