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Tea and hats
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls


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Who We Are

The Association of Zambians in Seattle, Washington (AZISWA) was founded on January 22, 2006 in Seattle by Zambians living in the Puget Sound Region of Washington.

Learn About Zambia

Zambia is a democratically-governed country in Southern Africa with tropical climate consisting mostly of high plateau, with hills and mountains, and dissected by river valleys.

Get Involved

Attend our Annual Independence Day fundraiser and experience the Zambian traditions through dance, music and some delicious exotic food.

AZISWA Founding Principles

Our founding principles are aimed at supporting communities at the grassroots level in the fight against such everyday challenges as hunger, poverty and homelessness, and in the promotion of health and education. 

Tea and hats



Stay Informed

Blog & Recent Happenings

We collaborate with other organizations to support development projects in Zambia.

WA State

Pacific Northwest

Washington State is amazing!

We can’t imagine raising our family anywhere else. We love the friends we’ve made over the years living here, and we look forward to many more memories in the years to come!