The Independence Celebration hosted by AZISWA was a very successful event with lots of new and not so new faces from the Zambian Community and our supporting communities in the Northwest. The event was a fantastic display of Zambian tradition and culture which was reflected in the food, music, dance, language and dress. An event such as this helps everyone to understand the culture of a nation and its people and is very important when it comes to the education of the next generation of Zambians that are growing up in the USA. The diversity of the attendees this year made the event very special and AZISWA would like to thank all of the Zambians who extended their hand to their culturally diverse friends and made them part of this event. Our raffle prizes were compliments of Act Theatre, Pacific Science Center and NW African Queen Pageant. AZISWA would like to thank the speaker Dr Zeke Orgi, Davies Chirwa for his DJ Services and the ladies and gentlemen who provided us with song and dance. Zambian singer Dandy Krazy who was in the area, was also a special surprise guest for the night and AZISWA thanks him for his lively performance. Facility decor and the exquisite cake was definitely an eye catcher this year, the credit for these go to Yvonne Bochart and Sheena Sichula . Last but not least, to the ladies and gentlemen of the community that put in selfless hours planning, purchasing and cooking the food and organizing the event a great big – Thank You ! Check out full album here.